Manufacturer of forged products, scaffolding parts, logistics equipment,
listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

.Logistics equipment business || .
Logistics equipment business
We started designing, manufacturing, and selling steel pallet logistics containers used for transport by shipping container or truck in 1971. Our logistics containers are now used for various types of land and sea transport in Japan and abroad, including major automobile manufacturers.

We utilize our in-depth expertise and experience and offer optimal steel pallets for global supply chain management.

In-house development
In-house development
Our highly experienced design engineers listen directly to the needs of our customers and propose or develop new optimal products for their requirements.
In-house manufacturing
We manufacture in-house using the techniques of our highly experienced engineers and automated facilities for each characteristic of our products.
In-house manufacturing
We offer the highest level of quality, delivery, cost, and service (QDCS) through our in-house development and manufacturing.
Main products

Multi-purpose pallets

Special-purpose pallets

container module pallet truck  module pallet Custom-made pallets
Standard pallets used as returnable pallets* for sea transport of container modules**. Standard pallets used as returnable pallets* for domestic transport of truck modules**. We custom-make the most suitable logistics container to maintain product quality.
products list
 * Returnable pallet: A reusable pallet that can be folded into a compact size and returned
** Module: A size standardized to the size of the container or truck
Please feel free to contact us to clarify any product information.
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